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Eddie, a middle-aged guy living a normal life, has just discovered he has the ability to vanish at will. Really. He has no idea where it came from or what to do about it, or even if he should do anything about it. His friends Marty and Darrell are impressed but not much help, and to his bafflement, he can’t vanish at all in the presence of his wife Beth, so she doesn’t believe him. With his life in chaos, he reluctantly consults a young and slightly unorthodox counselor, who may have answers but may also have a few questions; because life, after all, is never tidy.

Playing fast and loose with time, place and imagination, A TRICK OF THE LIGHT hilariously explores the ordinariness of the extraordinary and exactly what constitutes a life well lived.


A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is a ninety- minute comedy with a cast of five (any race), a simple non-naturalistic set, no bad language and is very funny with a big heart. It premiered in June of 2019 at the Peninsula Players in Door County WI. Performance reports said the performances were running about ten minutes long due to the actors having to hold for laughs. And the artistic director, Greg Vinkler, said he believes “once the play gets out there, everyone will be doing it.” He also said he got nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback from patrons.

It did good business, too. In a three week run in a 470 seat theater, it played to over 5300 people and grossed $205,000 at the box office. And here’s a rave review from the (only) reviewer in Door County.  The review provides a pretty good idea about the show.



A Trick Of The Light – 2017

The Second Oldest Profession – 2014 – produced – Minneapolis Fringe Festival

Mrs. Parker, Mr. Porter – 2013 – reading – Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis

Sons Of The Bedtime Newz – 2005- produced – History Theatre – St. Paul, MN


Gone Writing: The Poems of Moore on Sunday – 1999 – University of Minnesota Press


Freelance book critic – 2004-2011 – Minneapolis StarTribune

Freelance columnist (w/ Karin Winegar) – 2004-2012 – Minneapolis StarTribune

Freelance essayist – 2004-2012 – Minneapolis StarTribune, Minnesota Public Radio


Professional actor and director since 1977. Acting credits include Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis), Meadow Brook Theater (Detroit) Virginia Stage Company, Florida Stage, Utah Shakespeare Festival, Penumbra Theater (St. Paul), Ordway Theatre (St. Paul), feature films Wilson (w/ Woody Harrelson), Thin Ice (w/Greg Kinnear), Factotum (w/Matt Dillon).

Directing credits include Guthrie, Coconut Grove Theatre (Miami), Parker Playhouse (Ft. Lauderdale), Wintergarden Theatre (Toronto), Virginia Stage Company, York Theatre (NYC), San Diego Rep, feature film Autistic License, audiobooks Star Wars: Dark Forces and Crimson Empire (Lucasfilm)

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